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A business is more than an idea – it’s a story you tell the world.

Market Fit helps meaningful businesses tell better stories and get real responses from investors, partners, and consumers alike.

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Update: Brand Identity Breakthrough is now a bestseller on Amazon!

Since launching on May 20, my book Brand Identity Breakthrough has hit #1 in Sales and Advertising for Small Business. It ranks around #5000 on all of paid Kindle, and the positive reviews are flooding in. Now you too can get it as an ebook, paperback, or audiobook.

I wrote Brand Identity Breakthrough to help current and prospective business owners craft valuable identities and tell their story to the world. From day one, long into the lifetime of their company, these strategies will continue to maximize their impact on the market. A comprehensive brand identity will save you countless missteps along the path to success. It can be the linchpin to marketplace dominance.

Get Brand Identity Breakthrough on Amazon, or visit www.brandidentitybreakthrough.com to get free stuff.


Market Fit is fast becoming a regular and cherished consultant to my many entrepreneurial projects. It took me a very long time to find someone as truthful, focused, creative and unique as Gregory to communications. His insight and communication abilities are more original and creative than any conventional consultants I’ve ever worked with. Helena Lind

Visionary, www.HelenaLind.com

I’ve always been very impressed with the quality, speed, creativity and communication shown by Gregory and Market Fit. We’ve used him for press releases, blog writing, as well as helping to shape some key marketing messages and website content, and to help clarify our unique selling points. I would not hesitate to recommend Gregory and Market Fit to anyone looking to develop new content or tweaking existing content. Laura McGregor

Marketing Manager, www.CommissionCrowd.com

I hired Gregory to describe my app in a way that would clearly communicate the value it held for professional photographers, and appeal to their desires to expand their businesses. His wordsmithing and original insight, combined with an overall site redesign, have lead to a 50% increase in sales in the first four months alone. I am planning to launch another site soon, and will definitely be returning to Gregory to get its messaging going in the right direction from day one. Jim Cook

Owner, www.MyPhotoApp.com

Gregory has been instrumental in helping me get my raw food coaching program launched in just a few weeks time. He took the rough concepts I was trying  to work from and was able to refine them and fill out my programs and create the website and marketing material I needed to look like an established professional. It would have taken me months to get anything done on my own, and I wouldn’t have had the clarity I needed to move forward. Maryellen Jackson

Raw Food Life Coach, www.Fit4Life.bm

Gregory helped me refine the vision and purpose of my startup at a time when we weren’t even sure what audience we would be targeting. He didn’t just put together an appealing package- he fundamentally clarified what our brand stood for, and gave valuable insight into where we should take it in the long run. We are glad to finally have solidified who we are and what we can accomplish Louis-Gabriel Ramirez

Business Developer, www.NewEraMobile.com

I would like to take this opportunity and thank Gregory for all his help with my various projects in the past couple of months. His ability to take “raw” messages and turn them into coherent and compelling information has helped me grow my business tremendously. My sales have increased due to his help with my marketing material, even though we’ve only just begun. I will definitely keep on using Gregory and referring him to friends. Asaf Halperin

Financial & Asset Management, www.WFG-Halperin.com

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With a better story, you can achieve the success you want for yourself and your company.
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