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Market Fit is a business narrative development and communication training company. We service entrepreneurs, startups, and established businesses looking to forge compelling identities. Market Fit’s work enables them to educate, entertain, and engage the people who matter most to their success.

Narrative is now the most important way to make an impact on the world. Intrusive forms of impression marketing are quickly being ignored and scorned by browsers who would rather consume engaging and inherently valuable ideas. Meaningful businesses are in a position to get their message out to the world the right way, and build a foundation of value from day one.

Any time money, man hours, or opportunities are lost due to poor communication, we’ll be there to plug the gap and fix the inefficiencies in your process. Whether you work in education, disruptive technologies, personal development, parenting, or anything conceptually difficult to capture in words and imagery, you don’t have to suffer without a voice any longer.

Meet the Founder

profile00 Market Fit is founded by Gregory Diehl, an entrepreneur with training, teaching, coaching, and consulting experiences in cultures around the world. His observation of unconnected people in different economic situations all striving for goals determined by the cultural narrative they were raised with gave him profound insight into the psychology of incentive and prioritization. Understanding these fundamental human traits has the power to turn your business into a powerhouse of influence for the community of people relevant to your mission.

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